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September 1, 2010

Quite a sad day today...

Early in the morning, I woke up just enough time to have a glass of drinking water and a bun of bread. Terlajak tidur, tu laaaa masuk tidur pun dah pukul 2 lebih....huhu...

Itu pun, I had my sahur with the help of my hubby. He was the one who prepared the sahur for me, coz at the same darurat time for us to have sahur, my son pun bangun untuk sahur sekali. So you guys know la, if I take longer time to get him feed, he'll scream like his mummy did something bad to him... hu hu... Conclusion: I have my sahur while breastfeeding my son... what a multitasking mom. Hahaha...

So at about 8:30am, his Tok Daddy came along with his Oni to fetch him, so that i don't have to go back and forth to meru and KL... After that, i took a very short nap, just to keep my mind fresh (alasannnn)

Unfortunately, bangun tidur tu terus rasa kepala macam berat sangat. It was a very bad headache... God, how am i gonna drive to UM? I've to meet my lecturer today! So, I gave myself a short rest, get off the bed slowly and gone to shower.....with the hope that the headache would go away....

But sign of getting better... I called my hubby.... and what he ask me to do was to break fast and take painkiller.... NO! no! no! I dont wana break fast.... I want to puasa penuh this year! so that boleh dapat puasa penuh 3 years in the row man!

12:00 noon, still no sign of getting better... So I started to cook a very simple dish, just to alas perut before i take painkiller... I cooked mix vege soup (Brocolli, carrot and grey ouster mushroom), and took out the left over of catfish my hubby had had for his buka puasa yesterday. With that, I ate with only 3 suap of nasi.... Cukupla untuk buat batal puasa and alas perut untuk makan painkiller....

Dengan penuh kesedihan, I ate them all... (sampai licin la gak. hahaha)....and terus amek painkiller... So after this, I'll perform my prayer and go Zzzzzz again..... Really hope that the pain will be getting lesser by this evening.... coz i want to continue google recipes for my son since he's having an appetite slump nowadays.

p/s: Apala agaknye jiran2 pk bile dgr bunyi kelentang kelentung kat dapur rumah saye time tnghari bute... Hehehe


Xiet Enigma

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