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July 30, 2011

A visit with a bestie

Hi there,
OK, how to start? where to start?
Seriously, lately I have no motivation to write about anything in my blogs. Many things to share, but no desire to write.

So, I choose to write something light and easy....
Two days ago, I went to my sis's nest. I call it a nest because that's where she's been hiding from the sun for quite sometimes. A very nice, neat, nest. (how about that, a new tongue twister huh?)

Since I have not meet any of my 'alien' bestie for quite sometimes now, and I am so long for having silly discussion with them like we used to do back in our undergraduate years, so yes, that meeting was something I really looking forward to... And as expected, it came with great avail... I mean, the discussion, and the severe headache. :P

Two important things I want to share about the visit are an open discussion we enjoy doing the most, which I can say this culture is something I hardly find just anywhere, and the friendship that I treasure from the first day it began.

Talking about the discussion. Yes, we may discuss about any issue with anyone. But who can discuss about sensitive topics like race, politics, khilaf in some religion issue (mu'amalah issues) etc. freely without hesitation? Of course with your friend rite? And what kind of friend would accept being disagreed against his/her opinion with an open mind and no heart feeling? Of course the friend whom the relationship is created with love and compassion. rite? I respect those who can agree to disagree. Those who can have serious disagreement in the discussion, but later, after the discussion would have tea together, laugh and share life experiences just like usual. And Alhamdulillah, I have been given the chance to know such human. Such friends.

One thing I remember in the discussion, we talk about our future plan. What would we do in the future? Where would we be?

And we have come to one thing: No matter what we do, where we are, it's good to have us together every now and then for some discussion like we always have in the past, so that whatever we do for living, we don't stop thinking critically and being productive. Yes we can read, we can watch from tv, we can gain knowledge one way. But with two way process like discussion, we can gain more, and most importantly, we can check whether our belief is on the right path, and our principles are correct. It's a good check and balance process though.

It might be something we over-do and over-love... Syok sendiri la tue. But it's a good tool to sustain a friendship. Even if some issues couldn't have solution right away, but at least we have good time together. And that is fair enough :-P

I'm looking forward to meeting my other alien friends; one of them is in Hulu now, playing with monkeys and tigers. (Hikhikhik. Jangan marah na)

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