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October 13, 2011

We talk about friendship

In my whole life, I believe in friendship. But there was once where I gave it up. Allah had tested me with a ‘wrong’ person in a so-called friendship. But that was years ago, back in my secondary school. Alhamdulillah, when I entered campus life, Allah had given me the chance to meet loads of wonderful people.

In a nutshell, I grew by friendship. I treasure amity as I treasure my family. Some time ago, friends had always come first. I’d gone through my teenage days with my friends. I shared love stories and girls secrets with friends. I laughed with friends, and cried with them too. That is why, if you notice, I write quite a lot about friendship in here.

That is because in my whole life, I believe in friendship, and I grew by friendship, too.

I have a theory. The secret of a good friendship, like any other relationship, is love. You know why? Because love holds some kind of super power that able to melt the heart. Love teaches you to be compassionate and forgiving. Love makes you having a big heart and teaches you how to build respect and trust. Love gives you memories. Memories cling. They don’t just disappear. Memories keep friendship alive, albeit after friends go apart.
I have another theory. Anyone can never judge friendship by quantity. No matter how many people you have known, in the end, those who stick with you are your true friends. But you can’t be calculative. You stick to your friends even if they choose to abscond. 

With friends, you sometimes act like a nanny. A real irksome! That’s because you love them. But when they choose to split up, you’d hush away and wait. When they come back to you, you’d accept them with an open heart. That’s because you love them, too. Thus, you respect their verdict.

With friends, you sometimes act like a child. You coddle yourself in a cocoon of friendship. You take comfort from them for almost everything, even on something a little too trifling. You share stories, even the silly ones, then laugh or cry over each and every of them. You take late phone calls and sacrifice your sleep for friends. But when they choose to walk away and start their new life without you, you'd hush away and wait. And when they do not come back, all you could do is pray and wish that they are just fine. Sometimes in the dark night, when the memories visit, you’d snivel in despair. But that is all. You can’t forget them, never mind to hate them. Coz love binds. And love is all that lingers.   

People come and go. Our friends do. But friendship remains, if we never let it go. Every now and then, we smile for the memories we’d kept since the friendship begin. We weep over the pine for our long-lost friends. And always, we pray for our beloved friends.

Friends come and go. And you can’t ever stop them from walking away. But it’s up to you to create a further distance or to make it closer. Otherwise, just stand still so that there'll be no place for awkwardness.

As the thoughts about friendship lie here, my own story conceals somewhere in my heart.

Dear my arch nemesis,
I hope you are just fine. I know there is no way you could reach here. And that is all the point. This entry is specially for you. -XOXO-


Xiet Enigma

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