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May 10, 2011

A sad love story...

I found this in my archive. Never thought I could write something like this. Not because it is good, but because it is cheesy.Haha. (Is it?). Anyway, just want to post it here and i hope the person that had been the reason of this story ever exist are in peace now. 

P/S: I'm dedicating this post to whoever having tough situation about love.... and its alliance...

Once upon a time, there was a boy who fell in love with a girl. He loved her very very very much. He dreamed of marrying her.

But then he met a man, someone who also loved the girl very very very much. And he knew that the man was much much much better than him, and would make a better husband for her than he ever could.So he let her go, and he told the girl that she should accept the man if he approached her, and the boy told himself  that he too should let go of the girl.

And so the man and the girl became a couple, and when the girl told the boy about it he was sooo happy for her. He was happy for her because he knew he had done the right thing, and that the man would make her very very very happy, and that was all that mattered to him.

But at the same time, even though he was happy for her, inside his heart, it hurt. It hurt very very very much. And the pain didn’t go away. He wanted to forget her completely, but she was still his friend and he knew she would be upset if he stopped being her friend and he couldn’t bear to do that, so he did his best to still be her friend. But the pain didn’t go away.

Sometimes he cried himself to sleep. He did not know what to do. Sometimes he would meet the girl and the man, and he would smile at them, because he was happy for them and wanted them to think he was happy.

But the smile felt fake, it was like a mask he wore over his face, and inside his heart he felt like dying.
Everyday, he felt like dying. He felt like there was a hole inside his heart, a big empty hole that could never be filled. And the pain refused to go away.

He made some stupid things during that time. He made a big mistake that he will always regret and never forgive himself for. Before this, he had thought he would be strong enough. But he wasn’t strong. He was weak. It hurt so much inside. He didn’t know how he could withstand it. He didn’t know how he could survive and keep on living.

I wish I could tell you that something happened to him to make the pain go away. I wish there was some kind of event that magically made all his problems go away. But that only happens in stories. In the real world, there are no magical solutions to our problems.

But then...the boy survived. I wish I could tell you how he survived, but even he doesn’t know how he survived. The pain was there - the pain never goes away, not ever - but over time, eventually, he learned how to get used to it. Slowly, eventually, it stopped hurting him so much. The fake smile he used to wear has gone away, and now the smile he wears is true and genuine, especially when he meets the girl because he really is happy that she is happy. 

But even now, every now and then, he will remember what he used to dream… and the pain will come back, as strong as before. The love has never changed and never will change. He thought he could change it and has someone else can substitute her place in his heart, but he was wrong. 

And the pain...he has gotten used to it. He knows how to deal with it, and the pain doesn’t affect him like it used to.

The boy is happy. Life isn’t perfect, but this life is never perfect, it is only the next life that can be perfect. And more than anything, he knows he did the right thing. He made the right choice, no matter how much it hurt him. And that is all that matters.

There is no magical solution to our problems. When it comes to matters of the heart, there is no pill we can take to make the pain go away. All we have is time, the support of the people we love… and our own strength, and our faith in God to give us the strength that we need.

Everybody has their own sad story in their life. It might affect the action but always remember that whatever we do, there are consequences that we are responsible for. Yes, it hurt…and it hurt so much. But don’t ever lose hope because we have Allah The Almighty as our very best friend…

You ARE strong enough to withstand situation like this (if this ever happen to you). I know you are. Why do I know this? Because God never gives a soul a burden more than it can bear (2:286). God loves you. God tests you because He knows you are strong enough. That boy in the story - he didn’t think he could survive either. He didn’t think he was strong enough. But in the end he survived. He found strength that he never knew he had - strength that God gave him so he could withstand the test.


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  1. this story is soooo real!

    fight till the end~