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January 17, 2009

A great test

I’ve lost my mobile phone!

First was my mp3…
Then my laptop, my mp4 and my broadband…
And now, my mobile phone!
Those are my most important things in my life.
Things that I always clinch to myself everywhere I go.

I had lost my 'long-lost' friend either…
The one that I always remember wherever I am.

And I realize that this is a great test for me.
On whether or not I am redha to lose things that I love the most
On whether or not I am ready to lose the person that I love the most, when the time come.

Certainly, this is a great test for me


  1. A Lost is something a good values to learn smthing, to Remember smthing, a Great kind of Lesson to know how much greater ur patience will be.. n how much u'll be easy for it..

    Its ok, =D

  2. Asalamu alaikum

    Very nice, i ilke this

    selam from