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January 8, 2009

The Palestinians and I...

I am not feeling well today, so I take a day off. At first, I thought I want to spend half of the day in the lab, but I couldn’t find a reason for doing it. I have to admit that my schedule for this week has already been spoiled by a stupid procedure made by a human being. By saying that, it means, I have to wait until next Monday to get the confirmation resort. Still, I have a bunch of reading to complete… if only I could transform all the articles into fantastic stories or contemporary fairytales. Ahaks…

Wait a minute… what have I done? Ruining my MC by whining about lab work? Look at what I am doing now and why don’t I have any benefit from it?

So… I decided to indulge myself for the moment. I am now sitting in front of my hubby’s PC, writing about my happy moment right now, whilst enjoying my favorite Double Cheese Burger and a gigantic glass of chilled light coke for my meal. I am wearing my favorite dress and listening to my favorite songs. I love the smell of my apartment and the color of the weather outside my window. Living alone in my shelter makes me feel good. (Sorry hubby, don’t mean to disregard you. I’m just pampering my single-mingle day as a modern-living girl. Hehe… Owh, hope you enjoy your one week outstation)

This is the most desirable moment for someone who always spend most of her time for ‘life business’- for someone who spends 65% of her 24 hours in the lab, and 80% of her weekend outside the house.

Hence, I create a big smile; a smile of satisfaction, a kind of a victory smile.

Though, all of a sudden, my mind changes. From thinking about my happy moment, it changes swiftly to something else… it is regarding something that concerns the world right now…

My fellow Palestinians… (And my smile fades)

I have my favorite meal while they have nothing to eat. I wear my favorite dress but they wear a piece of cloth stained with blood. I listen to my favorite songs but they listen to a thunder of bomb explosions and the screams of the innocent. I see a blue sky with white clouds while they see orange infernos emitted everywhere in the sky. I pamper myself as a single girl but they cry from the lost of the loved ones. They watch people die everyday!

And so, I am so grateful to have a very good life. I should be thankful for what I have and Redha for what I couldn’t possess. I should provide more and demand less...

My friends,
The Palestinians are our fellow Muslims.
They are Homo sapiens like us.
But they don’t have the same life we have right now.

My friends,
If you don’t realize what is happening in Palestine
If you don’t even care about them but you are a Muslim…
You should be ashamed. Coz even Jews are against the Zionists’ action

Let start to play a role!
Other people have found ways to make a contribution. So find yours.
SS U11, Shah Alam

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