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January 11, 2009

I am anti-demo...

I am quite sure that I am in the category of anti – demonstration type of person. Although I have enough experiences taken part in Demo during my school time and in University of Malaya - my alma mater, I still consider myself as an anti-demo person (I only joined 3 to 4 demos during my undergraduates though I’m one of the ahl – J. Hehe…)

A friend of mine made a wild claim saying that I’m a ‘coward’ just because I sidelined Demo (can you imagine that? Huh... What a very shallow-minded!). For me, if you want to participate in any demo and if you think that there is any benefit behind it, then go ahead. But please, don’t underrate other people who don’t have the same thinking as yours. They might do other things that are ALSO important for the sake of Ummah, while you don’t.
Remember: We, Muslims are complement to each other

Well, the Demo that I mention about is the one that has anything to do with politics – regardless of any party.

But yesterday was a great history in my life. It has been so long since I have participated in any Demo, but yesterday, I made it! It was for the Palestinians!

One thing that I like about the Demo is that the representatives from different political parties & ideologists can stay unites by sharing a stage, driven by the name of Islam.

The other thing that makes me so contented is that, Muslims from different ages, generations and races have been driven by the spirit of Jihad! There were kids, teenagers and adults, (even the handicapped!) sharing the same emotion about the issue, and they donated money, watches, gold, and even shoes… (Well, they heavily threw their shoes on the Israel’s flag, Bush’s & Olmert’s ugly faces… hehe)
This is the type of Demo that I will certainly participate. It is my hope that all Malaysians will participate as well. Why? Coz it is a demo that shows our deep support to the Palestinian people in their holy war against the Israeli’s cruel genocide. It is a Demo about humanity, about Ummah.

And… it would be far more significant if it gets full coverage by the main-stream media.

By the way, (still)… Demo is not the only solution for us to contribute towards the above-mentioned issue. Besides, it is only a small portion of it. There are so many ways for us to contribute, such as donating money, boycotting Israeli made-American used companies, brands, and products, or (at least) pray for the Palestinians.


P/S: Demo tu demo jugak. Tapi Awlawiyyat (priority) tak boleh compromise. Okie?
Tahniah kepada 15 ribu Malaysians yang menghadiri Demo!

Shah Alam


  1. Demo kan.. utk memberi sokongan dan memberi smgt pada manusia utk berani bersuara.. dan menyatakan hak utk bersuara.. So klou berani.. Demo lah~ u know u're Very Right to judge smthing Very WRONG! =D