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August 15, 2011

1Malaysia: A chain is no stronger than its weakest link

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What happen to the world nowadays? Am I being stupid all this while? Or am I too slow to digest the reality? So many conflicts arise nowadays. Mostly are political related!

Never mind about the world today. Let us narrow the scope. Let just focus on our beloved country, Malaysia. What happen to Malaysia nowadays? Have you noticed?

We’ll be celebrating our 54 years of Merdeka Day (Independent Day) end of this month. It’s a half century of journey, a long way have passed by. It’s an age of a wise, mature man who embraces millions of life experiences, if we could transform this into human form.

Living in multiracial cultures for 54 years should signify living in harmony. It should be like living as a big family. If a married couple achieve pure understanding, tolerance and deference by these long years, so should Malaysia. If we can accept differences in each of our siblings, than we should’ve accepted differences among races.

But personally, I think Malaysians are not mature enough to live in multiracial country. I don’t see respect in a real mean is truly employed in our life. I’m not talking about being racist. Racist at some points are obligatory. It’s our nature to become racist and protect our own race and religion. Whoever ask me to stop being racist, I think he is out of his mind... and hypocrite. If you are not racist, others are. So you’re implying a dream philosophy.

What I want to bring here is the way we cope with other races. We should be fair despite races and religions. We should learn about other’s cultures than only we can show respect towards them. How can you respect others if you don’t know their cultures? For instance:
1)     You say you respect Indians but you ta-pau them meat for lunch?
2)     You say you know Malays well enough but you invite them for liquor party.
3)     You’ve been friend with many Malays but you still unaware that adultery is prohibited in Islam and so you offer him a sexy chick.
4)     Or you (Malay) insulting the Chinese for eating swine as filthy and disgusting as the swine
5)     You live in an Islamic country but you complain about the Azaan (prayer calling)
6)     You scold the Chinese for eating in public during Ramadhan but aren’t they are not supposed to fasting so why scold them?
7)     You panggil the India as Keling in front of them, purposely to insult them.
8)     You just can’t tolerate each other and keep pointing fingers at each others’ cultures or beliefs.

That’s why it is so important to learn and know about other races. We don’t have to agree to their beliefs, fair enough to at least take note on main issues, so that we don’t cross the border in our says and actions.

I was raised in a village of Malays as majority. I obtain my education in Islamic schools. I don’t have many non-Malay friends. But that’s not an excuse for me to not learn about other races, because I am Malaysian.

I went to the churches to learn Christianity. It was one of the best moments in my life because I’d got the chance to learn other religion from its believers, in their sacred place. I’d got the chance to join some of the ceremonies, eat the food they’d prepared and talk about our beliefs for a change. From there, I met a few Chinese and Indian friends too. Hence, I wasn’t just learning Christianity, but I’d learnt mixture of cultures as well. The moments were wonderful because it succeed to show our respect to each other. It’d portrayed real harmony. If some of you readers by now have taught I was tried to be converted, you are wrong. Learning other religions has made me appreciate Islam even more.

Alas, that situation is really rare in reality.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”_Aristotle.

This simple quote from Aristotle holds big meaning. I love the idea that we must first know ourselves before we know others. We must show respect to ourselves before we demand respect from others. By all means, we must be honest for who we really are, and portray honesty in front of others. Honesty... is another difficult thing to do. Because honesty against hypocrisy.

We often fail to make others respect us and vice versa by denying the real facts (the truth about our races, religions and cultures). We are not ready to open our heart to admit those facts. We are not ready to have an open discussion. Therefore we fabricate issues. Later, we claim them as sensitive issues. As it happen, someone has to apologize and the issue will be closed unsettled.

Some issues are real sensitive. Racial issues are among the most popular. I don’t think we should let the issue sealed unsettled. By doing this, we let our multiracial country in danger. If no fair explanation and justification is made, everybody will hold grudge by the misconceptions and sooner or later, it might explode!

But there are so-called sensitive issues with no fundamental sentiments at all. There are either came from some depraved political parties for their stupid political games, or by some groups who’d been so long avoided to see the real facts. This kind of so-called sensitive issues are mushrooming the upstream media.

I hate when politics interfere racial issues because consequently we won’t get to know the truth. When they say they want to settle the issue, they often make it more revolting! It’s either they are ignorant to see the later impact could jeopardize our harmony, or that is their actual target- to jeopardize our harmony for their personal objectives.

I did mention that Malaysians are not mature enough to live in multiracial, multireligious and multicultural country. But the fact is, we are living in one country, and we've been living with this for more than 54 years now. So let’s work together to achieve harmony in this country. Don’t get oversensitive by the propaganda done by some irresponsible groups, and say NO to the politicized racial issues!

P/S: Please accept the fact that each of our races has weaknesses. If you fail to accept your weakness, and rather fabricate them as sensitive issue, you are living in denial....

P/S 2: The most common claims- Melayu: Pemalas, banyak mat rempit and penghuni teramai pusat serenti. Cina: Kiasu, selfish and tak reti respect orang. India: Samseng, pandai cakap tapi tak pandai bikin... Betul atau tidak, kita sendiri boleh tau. So tak guna kita overreacted terhadap benda macamni. Yang penting, proof to others that we are good people :P

P/S 3: Terselamat lah bangsa2 lain. Hehehe

Xiet Enigma
Shah Alam

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